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2010-12-21 21:59:02 by maude-maude

Hello everyone I'm sorry to tell you guys that Ii think I am going to have a new account and my username will be Supersonic and Ii will be using it. Pardon me if I have the same reveiws as maude-maude (maude-maude is my account) and sometimes I have to copy it ok and I might make the fatal frame in my Supersonic account.

Hello let's talk about THIS!!!!

2010-12-19 12:59:01 by maude-maude

Uh... hi hehheh I am going to tell you guys about my movie I am going to make it is fatal frame and if you know fatal frame you'll understand and it is "Tails and Luigi Fatal Frame" not a cool name dude (I AM A GIRL BI****S) It is not really based on fatal frame and If you like my drawings no prob if you don't It's okay because I think my drawings are not nice too but everyone almost everyone in grade 3 (I'm grade 3) love my drawings and anyways OF COURSE WE WILL START WITH THE TRAILER! Sorry for saying that in a bad way and anyway I made up my own character named Tsunami.What a weired name right? heheh so Tsunami is a girl she's a ghost all she does is KILL KILL KILL and next time I am going to show you how she looks like and I will also tell you a bout the other characters so anyways let's continue talking about Tsunami she is a fox and she has a boyfriend who looks like Sonic but not Sonic and she thought Sonic was her boyfriend and she needed help and Sonic died because of Paradox (time) just I have no idea why Sonic has wounds (And a black eye :P) Tsunami is very powerful and I have no idea why I have a retarded mind like why did I think that we need the Chaos Emeralds for the Camera Obscura even stronger like sometimes I call myself a weirdo and after or before the movie I am going to make a game of this and wait a minute can we make games in this web? Oh yeah... we're talking about Tsunami because sometimes when I am talking about something I talk about something else haha and anyway everyone thinks she is Tails and Sonic thinks she stole his other pairs of shoes heh.She's the strongest among all the ghost and she has only one weakness. The Camera Obscura haha why would a ghost have no weakness on mighty Camera Oscura (LOL :P) AND MY BROTHER JUST WON'T SHUT UP AND I FORGOT WHAT TO SAY! And in here you should also save Shadow and wait... aren't we talking about Tsunami and I FORGOT WHAT TO SAY BECAUSE MY BROTHER WON'T SHUT UP! F**K HIM Never mind it's already 1:54 am in my country already so I should got to bed now and I am from the Philipines and I WANNA CHANGE MY USERNAME TO BE SUPERSONIC! I WANNA CHANGE IT~!!!!!!!! and good morning everybody. (Don't get it because it is already 1:54 am in my country)